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Balers and automated waste handling and recycling equipment built to higher standards.
As a world leading baler manufacturer for the automated waste handling and recycling industries, we take it upon ourselves to constantly stay ahead of the curve when it comes to our baler product features and innovations. Balemaster consistently strives to offer baler products that will give you the greatest ease of operation, most reliable baling equipment, and ultimately the greatest return on your investment.

Product Innovation

Automatic Wire Tie System
  • Heavy duty automatic wire-tier completes the tie-off cycle in less than 30 seconds.
  • Electro/mechanical design uses less parts than hydraulically driven tiers.
  • Hinged access covers allow for easy cleaning and maintenance when required.
  • Auto-tier design features parts standardization – same chain, motor, and gearbox are used to drive the inserter and the cutter/twister mechanisms.
  • Twister hooks are the heaviest in the industry. Universal design eliminates the need to stock right and left handed hooks.
  • Short bale option allows bale tying immediately with a touch on the Balemaster exclusive touch screen control panel.
  • Wire coil holders are mounted on the baler to save valuable floor space, wire stands are not needed, and holders will accommodate 12, 11, 10, and even 9.5 gage, 100 lb.
  • Auto-tiers are available in 4, 5, and even 6 tie units depending upon application and baler model recommended.
  • Universal mounting brackets offer the ability to change the location of the inserter and twister at a later date if needed.
  • Touch screen control panel allows easy adjustment and selection of bale lengths and bale tie wire knot twists.
Touch Screen Controls
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls eliminate confusing knobs, buttons, or two-line displays.
  • Powerful PLC with heavy duty design featuring ruggedized scratch and oil resistant screen membrane and onboard diagnostics.
  • Security code protection prevents unqualified access to all critical settings and operations.
  • Easy navigation allows immediate access to all aspects of baler status with brief, clear descriptions and photo assist functionality.
  • Detailed graphics, single line display, and quick-read glare resistant LCD screen.
Advanced Dust Control
  • Balemaster auto-ty balers have tightly engineered design and advanced dust control features including an encapsulated frame which prevents dust and scrap from discharging into the plant.
  • Baling ram wiper blades help contain scrap within the baling chamber.
  • PLC programming controls the ram stroke during the baling process, holding dust within the bale.
  • Tapered locking handles create a dust-tight seal on the gasket of the feed chute door.
Energy Efficient Hydraulic Power Packs and Trunnion Cylinder
  • Balemaster’s hydraulic power packs use regenerative circuits to maximize throughput capacity and save energy.
  • Side density tensioning system adjusts automatically when a material grade change is made. Once the recommended baling pressure is set, no further adjustments are necessary.
  • The trunnion-mounted main cylinder requires less maintenance on seals and o-rings.
  • Optional dual motor/pump combinations provide efficient operation. During peak demand periods, both motors engage automatically to maximize capacity while a single motor is used during off-peak periods to conserve energy.
Bale Density Control System
  • Unique bale density control system automatically and continuously regulates the tensioning force.
  • Creates greater squeezing force to achieve the highest bale density possible.


Contact Balemaster about the full line of value added products available for your baling and shredding needs. We are experts at customizing high-productivity waste handling and recycling solutions, tailored to your exact application requirements.