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Baler Machines for Recycling & Waste Processing

Recycling Solutions for Any Business

Modern businesses are always looking for ways to make their enterprise more efficient and profitable. For many companies, collecting and distributing recyclables can be highly rewarding. With a recycling baler from Balemaster, your recycling process can become more effective and drive revenue. Our line of baler machines maximizes profits and efficiency, while minimizing expenses and challenges.

A Baler Machine for Every Recycling Need

We offer a variety of high-quality, long-lasting baler machines to meet the recycling needs of any business. Our recycling balers are able to process any paper, cardboard, or plastic waste in your facility.

Our baler machine selection includes:

  • Conveyor-fed or manually-fed baler systems
  • Manual tie or auto tie balers
  • Horizontal balers
  • Closed door balers
  • High density balers
  • Cardboard, paper, and plastic balers

Whichever style fits your needs, we have the baler machine for you. A recycling baler works efficiently to compress your recyclables into tight, neat bales. This makes it easier to transport and process your business waste.

Balemaster’s Baler Machine Lineup

We are dedicated to finding the right baler machine for your business. Each of our pieces of equipment provide unique benefits. Below are the main recycling balers that we offer:

E-Series Auto Tie Baler: This exceptional machine is able to bale corrugated boxes, paper, envelopes, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and more. As its name suggests, it is the premier choice for auto-tie balers. With energy efficiency and heavy duty construction, this machine will bale your recyclables and tie them without any manual advancements.

EO-Series Auto Tie Baler: Similar in operation to its E-Series counterpart, this baler machine is equipped to bale your recyclables and tie them automatically. However, this machine is built with large, heavy-duty processing in mind. Featuring large feed chutes and serrated shear blades, the EO-Series Auto Tie Baler machine is prepared to handle full-sized shipping boxes and corrugated cardboard, as well as newspaper, aluminum cans, and PET bottles. This baler machine is built for durability and strength.

Fat Boy Baler: This baler machine produces incredible recycling bales. With extra-large feed openings and powerful hydraulics, the Fat Boy Baler produces bales that are nearly twice the size of conventional bales. That means increased productivity and efficiency because you can now move twice as much material in each bale.

HD-60 Series Baler: With this baler machine, you will save floor space and maximize efficiency in your recycling operations. This recycling baler offers an ergonomic wire tie tool that helps improve the efficacy of the manual tie system. In addition, it has a floor-level hopper loading system that allows for easy access to load your recyclables. This baler machine truly improves your waste management process!

Closed Door Balers: The Balewel series of closed door balers makes your recycling process simple and safe. This series offers a variety of baler machines, with a piece of equipment that meets the needs of any business. Whether you need to process paper or corrugated boxes, there is a closed door baler that will get the job done.

5 Benefits of a Baler Machine

When your production process generates a lot of waste materials, treating them can tie up your resources. By installing a baler machine to start the processing of your recyclables, you will see many benefits, including:

  • Free up personnel. With a fully automated process, our auto-tie balers will allow your personnel to take on new tasks. Your recycling process will no longer require manual advancements and attention. Instead, your employees can perform more profitable tasks.
  • Save on labor costs. By reducing the need for recycling personnel, you can cut labor costs. Instead of hiring employees just to tend to your recycling needs, you can now hire for more necessary roles only.
  • Get accurate measurements of recyclables. When your wastes are compacted, it is easier to get an accurate measurement of them. This means you will receive more accurate estimates and better return on your recyclables.
  • Reduce transport fees. With a baler machine, your recycle is compacted into the tightest form. This allows you to transport the most recyclables in the smallest sizes. You can transport more in less space! Therefore, you will spend less money on pickup and transport fees.
  • Protect the environment. By optimizing your recycling process, you can keep more waste out of landfills. With efficient paper, cardboard, and plastic baling, you can maximize the recycling process and keep your wastes out of the earth. Recycling baler machines help to safeguard the environment.

From improving productivity to helping the environment, a recycling baler machine is revolutionary for any business with notable waste production. Any baler option, whether an auto-tie baler, closed door baler, or another selection, will improve the processing of your recyclables to maximize efficiency and profits.

Balemaster Has Your Recycling Solutions

When you are ready to see an increase in productivity and revenue, Balemaster has the recycling equipment for you. Our baler machines come in a variety of styles, including auto-tie balers, closed door balers, horizontal balers, high density balers, and more. If your business creates excess paper, cardboard, or plastic waste, a baler machine can make your recycling process simpler and more profitable. By preparing your recyclables with a baler machine from Balemaster, you are cutting labor costs, reducing transport fees, receiving higher profits from your recyclables, and protecting the environment.

Contact Balemaster today to discover what our recycling machinery can do for your business.

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