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Industrial Recycling Shredders

Increase Recycling Efficiency with Cardboard and Paper Shredders from Balemaster

Recycling is a rapidly growing industry. As more businesses look for ways to maximize production, revolutionary recycling technology has emerged. With the widespread use of paper and cardboard shredders and balers, the process of recycling becomes more automated and efficient for businesses across the world. Balemaster has the highest quality industrial shredders that operate alongside our balers to create the greatest value premium recycling outputs.

Process Your Recycling More Efficiently with an Industrial Paper Shredder

Balemaster offers several industrial shredders and hoggers to process paper and cardboard into smaller pieces, making them ideal for baling. Below are several recycling hoggers and balers we offer.

  • Low RPM Shredder: This recycling shredder is the quieter option and is ideal for corrugated box, sheet, and folding carton plants.
  • Piggyback Shredder: The piggyback shredder is specifically designed to mount above the Balemaster baler. This industrial cardboard shredder feeds the shredded pieces directly into the baler, maximizing efficiency and allowing for complete automation. It is ideal for magazine, signature, and printer wastes.
  • Floor Sweep Shredder: This paper shredder is designed for recyclables that are too large to be conveyed without first processing them. The floor sweep shredder is ideal for printer, paper converting, and folding carton plants.
  • High Production Hogger: This recycling hogger is extremely efficient, and it is ideal for corrugated box, folding carton, and sheet plants.

The recycling shredders and hoggers from Balemaster create hand-sized pieces of recyclable material, making the waste ideal for baling. Using a paper or cardboard shredder alongside a recycling baler allows companies to increase the production of recycling bales through efficient, automated processes.

Balemaster Recycling Shredders are Expertly Designed to Boost Profits

With a cardboard or paper shredder from Balemaster, you are guaranteed the highest quality of recycling equipment. Balemaster uses expert engineering to ensure the products meet your every need and remain at peak operating capacity for their long lifespan.

Here are some of the many advantages of recycling shredders and hoggers by Balemaster:

  • Maximized safety features, such as NEMA 12 enclosures, safety cables at feed inlets, keyed on and off switches, and more
  • Touch screen control for easy operability and system diagnostics
  • Overfeed sensors that will detect jams and reverse the system until the blockage has cleared
  • Different width options to fit any processing plant space
  • Multiple size and style options to meet every shredding need

Balemaster Has the Recycling Solutions to Maximize Efficiency and Increase Profits

Streamline your recycling process with the use of cardboard and paper shredders at your recycling plant. The recycling shredders and hoggers by Balemaster, including the Low RPM Shredder, Piggyback Shredder, Floor Sweep Shredder, and High Production Hogger, will maximize the efficiency of your recycling procedure by processing all paper and cardboard into hand-sized pieces. This will improve the baling process, meaning profits from recycling will increase.

Contact Balemaster for all of your paper and cardboard shredder and baler needs to improve the recycling process of your business and boost your profits!

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