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Low RPM Shredder

The 1400 series quiet shredder has been specially engineered to reduce the noise and dust produced in a corrugated/paper shredding operation. The unit is equipped with multiple slow speed arbors to produce “hand” size pieces that are ideal for high density baling.

Low RPM Shredder

Ideal for:

  • Corrugated box plants

  • Sheet plants

  • Folding carton plants

Features & Advantages

  • 1400 series shredder features three 5 ¾" thick solid steel arbor shafts that rotate within a range of 20-60 rpm.

  • Shredder is equipped with a PLC and touch screen controls to help visualize the operation, as well as provide diagnostics and system efficiency tracking.

  • Overfeed sensors are included to prevent possible jams. When activated, the shredder will go into an “auto-reverse” mode until the jam is cleared.

  • Exterior mounted grease fittings for quick routine maintenance.

  • Units are available in 63, 76-, 90-, 103-, and 117-inch widths for a variety of waste applications.

  • Optional core feeder will process cores up to 5 ½" in diameter, with wall thicknesses up to ½".

  • The 1400 series shredder is supplied complete with NEMA 12 enclosure, conveyor belt, controls, safety cable at feed inlet, and keyed on/off switch.


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