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For printing facilities throughout the world, an effective recycling solution is imperative. Vast quantities of paper, cardboard, cardstock, and other wastes are created every day. To best prepare and store these materials, printing companies need to have a reliable recycling plan in place. At Balemaster, we deliver comprehensive recycling solutions, complete with an industrial paper shredder, conveyor, fluffer, and paper balers. Reach out to us today to get the most from your recycling process tomorrow.

Make Your Recycling Process Efficient with High-Quality Paper Balers

We offer a wide variety of paper balers, including more compact designs and high-production styles. Whether you are looking for a fully automatic baler or a manual tie baler, we have your solutions. Take a look at our paper baler selection below:

Productive Industrial Paper Shredder & Other Recycling Solutions

To accompany our top-notch paper balers, we have several additional machines and components. Among our most popular are the industrial paper shredders. We offer a range of shredders, including the following:

  • Low RPM Shredder - Designed with noise control in mind, this machine produces shredded pieces that are the ideal size for baling. It works quietly and efficiently to prepare your paper and corrugated products for bales.
  • Floor Sweep Shredder - This machine is specifically curated for signatures and paper scraps, preparing them for conveyor systems and baling operations.
  • Piggyback Shredder Mounted directly atop the auto-tie baler, this industrial paper shredder prepares whole books, magazines, and other paper products. Then, it directly empties into your paper balers.
  • High Production HoggerFor high-production facilities, this shredder is designed to shred corrugated box, folding cartons, sheets, and other materials for more efficient baling.

Our industrial paper shredder will make your baling process more effective and efficient. By creating hand-sized pieces, your bales can be more dense. This means more waste product fits into each bale, which will save you storage and transport space.

In addition, we provide fluffers, conveyor systems, and transfer/storage systems to improve your recycling process. Altogether, our equipment lineup will have your recycle management system working more effectively in no time.

Reach out to Balemaster today to discuss how our paper baler and industrial paper shredder will benefit your business.

Top-Notch Recycling Equipment Maximizes Production & Profits

With many printing operations comes large quantities of paper, cardboard, and other waste products. These wastes require a lot of storage space, as well as costly removal and transport fees. By baling your recyclable materials, you can make the waste management process more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Here are the benefits of utilizing an industrial paper shredder and paper balers:

  1. Improve Recycling Efficiency
    With our paper shredders, balers, and other equipment, your recycling process will be a breeze. You can fully automate the process by using a piggyback shredder, auto-tie baler, and uniquely crafted transport and storage system. This will make your recycling plan more efficient and effective.
  2. Free Up Storage Space
    By creating dense bales, more materials can fit in less space. This means that you can cut back on storage space and keep your floor open for more productivity. In addition, we offer compact equipment, such as the HD-60 series paper balers, that conserve floorspace while also processing your recyclables.
  3. Minimize Transportation Fees
    When you create compact bales from your recyclable materials, you are able to transport them more easily. Dense bales allow you to transport higher quantities at a time, which will save you on transport fees.
  4. Conserve Personnel
    Because we offer fully automated systems, such as the E-Series and EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler, you can save your personnel for other productive tasks. You will not have to dedicate several people to run your recycling process. Instead, these machines handle the entire process for you, from conveying and shredding to baling and storing.
  5. Increase Profits
    With an industrial paper shredder and paper baler, you will limit the number of personnel needed, save on transport fees, and maximize your profits from recycling. Our equipment truly allows you to save money and see an increase in your bottom line by elevating your recycling process.

Paper balers and shredders bring many benefits. From increasing productivity and limiting storage space to cutting costs and freeing up personnel, these machines greatly improve your operations. Contact us today to design the best plan for your recycling baler system.

Call Balemaster Today for Your Leading Industrial Paper Shredder & Paper Baler

E SeriesAre you ready to improve your recycling process? Then, we have your solution. Our paper balers and industrial paper shredder will maximize efficiency and ensure your recycling process is highly effective. From saving money on transportation to freeing up your personnel, our recycling solutions will bring many benefits.

Call Balemaster today to learn how our recycling equipment can best serve you.

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