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Horizontal Auto Tie Balers

The Innovative Recycling Solution That Boosts Profits and Maximizes Efficiency

Process Any Recyclables With Balemaster’s Horizontal Auto Tie Balers

Our top-of-the-line horizontal balers are the best way to quickly and efficiently process all of your recyclable materials, including:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic

Horizontal auto tie balers use an entirely automated process, meaning there is no need for manual advancement or designated staff members to run the recycling operations. Automatic baler machines allow for processing as the chamber reaches capacity and make the entire process completely automated, from advancing the bale all the way through tying it. This keeps staff free for other operations and boosts profits for your business.

The Comprehensive Baling Approach

Auto tie baler machines come with many beneficial features that will streamline the recycling process and maximize efficiency. These features include:

  • Automatic wire-tier that completes the tie-off within 30 seconds.
  • Density control systems that ensure each bale is made to the highest possible density.
  • Dust control to prevent unnecessary maintenance of the baler machine.
  • Comprehensive touch screen control for maximized usability.

Whether you need a cardboard baler, paper baler, or other recycling baler machine, Balemaster has the perfect solution to manage all of your recyclable materials. Our horizontal auto tie balers, including the E-Series Baler and EO-Series Baler, make the recycling process fully automated and thoroughly efficient, improving productivity and increasing the bottom line for your business.

To ensure maximum efficiency and improved profit margins for your business, contact Balemaster for all of your cardboard baler, paper baler, and recycling baler needs. We have the highest quality, most effective baler machine technology for your unique needs!

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