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First-Rate Cardboard Compactor & Cardboard Shredder for Corrugated Manufacturers

baler machine 1In the modern world, companies are striving to reduce their environmental impact through everyday operations. One of the best ways to initiate this is by introducing an efficient recycling system. At Balemaster, we provide the most effective cardboard balers that automate the recycling process for corrugated manufacturers, sheeter plants, and other facilities.

With the addition of a cardboard compactor and cardboard shredder, you can successfully prepare your corrugated materials for recycling. This will make transportation and storage simpler while also reducing costs and driving profits for your business. Contact Balemaster today to see how our recycling solutions can benefit your corrugated facility.

Effectively Process Your Corrugated Cardboard with Our Cardboard Baler

Balemaster cardboard balers are the industry’s most innovative recycling solution. A cardboard compactor compresses your recyclable materials, creating dense bales. This allows you to easily store and transport the cardboard wastes. In addition, our complete auto-tie balers allow for simpler recycling processes without the need for manual advancement.

Among corrugated manufacturers and sheeter plants, our E-Series and EO-Series cardboard balers are most popular. These balers are automatic and highly efficient, offering a premier solution for cardboard recycling. Both feature comprehensive touch screen control, auto-tie baling technology, advanced dust control systems, energy-efficient functioning, and heavy-duty welded construction. Take a look at our cardboard compactors below and discover how they will benefit your facility.

E SeriesE-Series Baler

This cardboard compactor is the leading baler for corrugated manufacturers and sheet plants. With a fully automatic wire-tier system, this machine produces dense bales that are ready for storage or transport right out of the chamber. This baler works most effectively for corrugated cardboard, sheets, folding cartons, paper, and print materials.

EO Series BalerEO-Series Baler

Similar to the E-Series, the EO-Series Baler utilizes an auto-tie baler technology to prepare your recyclables for storage, transport, and processing. This style offers a larger feed chute to accommodate greater quantities of corrugated cardboard, flattened OCC, tissue broke, paper products, and more.

Make Your Cardboard Compactors More Efficient with a Cardboard Shredder

At Balemaster, we believe in delivering the most comprehensive and effective recycling solutions. In addition to your cardboard compactor, you can select from our line of cardboard shredders. A cardboard shredder allows your baler to more effectively compress your corrugated wastes. By creating hand-sized pieces, your cardboard recycling can be pressed into denser, more efficient bales. This means you can fit more materials into fewer bales, making storage and transport a breeze.

For most corrugated facilities, our High Production Hogger and Low RPM Shredder best compliment the cardboard compactors. Take a look at our shredder selection below.

Low RPM ShredderLow RPM Shredder

The Low RPM Cardboard Shredder is curated for quiet, efficient productivity. Its design allows for effective shredding while minimizing noise and preventing excessive dust. By creating smaller pieces from your corrugated boxes, sheets, and folding cartons, you will have denser bales that are prepared for storage, transport, or processing.

High Production HoggerHigh Production Hogger

For facilities with larger quantities of waste, the High Production Hogger is best. This machine is designed to effectively shred the greatest loads, preparing your corrugated box, folding carton, and sheets for baling. With attentive engineering and heavy-duty construction, this cardboard shredder is highly effective for corrugated manufacturers and sheet plants.

A Cardboard Compactor Improves Your Recycling Process

With the addition of a cardboard compactor, you will see improvements in your recycling process. From successful automation to cost savings, our cardboard balers and cardboard shredders are highly effective. Here are many of the advantages of our recycling machinery:

  1. Automate the Process: By using an auto-tie baler, such as the E-Series or EO-Series Baler, you eliminate the need for dedicated personnel. There is no need for manual advancement and tying because the cardboard baler is designed to complete the job from start to finish.
  2. Free Up Personnel: By creating an automatic baling process, you will free personnel to work on more productive tasks. You will not need several employees dedicated to recycle processing because your compactor and shredder will manage it.
  3. Improve Productivity: With personnel available for other tasks, you can increase productivity at your plant. Employees will be able to focus on profit-making tasks instead of waste management services.
  4. Save On Storage & Transport Fees: Because our cardboard compactor creates dense bales, you are able to transport higher quantities in fewer loads. This will eliminate excess transportation fees. In addition, the cardboard shredder allows the baler to work more effectively, which means even denser bales and lower transport costs.
  5. Increase Profits: With the addition of a baler, you can reduce transportation fees and save on unnecessary labor fees. This means you can see greater profits for your corrugated manufacturing facility.

Let’s get started improving your recycling process today! From higher productivity and greater profits to easier storage and transportation, cardboard compactors bring many benefits to your facility. Call Balemaster today to design the best recycling solution for your business.

FatBoy balerBalemaster Has Your Solutions for Recycling Cardboard

Ready to maximize efficiency and drive profits for your corrugated or sheet plant? Balemaster has every solution you will need to improve your recycling process. From high-efficiency cardboard balers to top-performing cardboard shredders, we will help you design the best recycling solution for your facility.

Call Balemaster today to discuss the installation of your cardboard compactor. We’re ready to get started!

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