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Nonwoven Baling & Non-woven Fabric Recycling Machines

baler machine 1Nonwoven materials are used in a wide variety of settings, from hospitals to schools. This type of fabric is versatile and can be very eco-friendly. While nonwoven production includes many trimmings and waste, these materials can be recycled for additional use and environmental sustainability. At Balemaster, we offer an expansive selection of machines to improve nonwoven baling and textile waste recycling. Contact us today to see how we can improve your non-woven waste recycling process.

Improve Sustainability with Nonwoven Waste Recycling Solutions

Manufacturing facilities often search for ways to lessen their environmental impact while also improving efficiency and maximizing profits. All of this is possible with the implementation of an effective recycling process and nonwoven fabric baling. At Balemaster, we provide the industry’s best non-woven fabric recycling machine selection.

Nonwoven fabric is used to create many modern products, including diapers, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, surgical gowns, bed coverings, absorbent mats, reusable bags, table linens, coffee filters, and more. These materials are often absorbent, water-resistant, durable, protective, etc. Because of this, they are highly versatile. However, their production often includes a lot of nonwoven waste scraps. By improving your recycling process, you can avoid unnecessary waste and lessen your environmental impact. 

With a nonwoven baling machine, your nonwoven waste will be condensed into compact bales, which are the optimal form for storage, transportation, and recycling. You can process higher quantities into dense bales, which require fewer transfer trips to reach recycling centers. This allows you to lessen your effects on the environment by increasing recycled material, while also reducing the fuel needed for transportation.

Take the first step toward improving your eco-friendly and highly productive recycling process today. Call Balemaster for more information on our textile waste recycling equipment.

Equipment for Nonwoven Fabric Baling

Our forerunning balers for nonwoven waste include the E-Series and EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler. These are built with strength and durability at the forefront, ensuring longevity for your textile waste recycling system. These machines are formed with heavy duty welded construction and include premier dust control, top-of-the-line touch screen operation, accurate bale density regulation, and effective serrated shear blades.

Learn more about the EO-Series and E-Series Auto-Tie Balers below.

Are you ready to optimize your recycling process? Contact Balemaster today to get more information on your non-woven fabric recycling machine options.

The Benefits of Your Non-Woven Fabric Recycling Machine

When you choose our machines for nonwoven fabric baling, you are guaranteed multiple advantages. From improved efficiency to higher profits, your nonwoven waste baler will bolster your recycling process. Explore the benefits of nonwoven baling below.

Higher Efficiency Textile Waste Recycling

With an auto-tier baler from Balemaster, your recycling system will be highly efficient. A baler combines your nonwoven wastes into dense bales, preparing them for effective recycling. Because our auto-tie balers are equipped with efficient baling technology and an automatic wire-tier system, your entire recycling process will be automated and efficient.

Automatic Waste Processing

With a reliable non-woven fabric recycling machine, your entire recycling process can be fully automated. Our equipment easily processes your nonwoven wastes into distinct bales, then ties them without the need for manual advancements. Finally, these bales can be transferred for storage or transport to recycling centers.

Free Personnel for Productivity

Because our auto-tie balers automatically advance and tie off your textile waste recycling, you don’t need dedicated personnel for the process. This means that your crew can spend their time on more productive tasks in your facility.

Simpler Transport & Storage

With a high-efficiency baler, your nonwoven wastes will be made into dense bales, which make transfer and storage simple. Instead of dealing with loose recyclable materials, you will have neat and compact bales. This will also save on transport fees, as you can transfer higher quantities in fewer trips.

Improved Profits

By automating your recycling process with nonwoven baling, you can save on labor fees related to waste processing. In addition, you will save on transport and storage fees for your nonwoven wastes.

Nonwoven fabric baling improves your recycling process by boosting efficiency, automating your waste processing, freeing up personnel, simplifying storage and transport, and increasing your profits. Call Balemaster today to schedule a consultation for your new baler.

FatBoy balerBalemaster is Your Leader for Nonwoven Baling & Textile Waste Recycling

Recycling is essential for nonwoven manufacturing facilities and all other modern businesses. When you are searching for a solution for your nonwoven waste, Balemaster has your answer. We are the preferred leader in nonwoven fabric baling and textile waste processing. Contact us today to learn more about our non-woven fabric recycling machine selection. We look forward to helping you build a nonwoven baling solution for your business.

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