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Horizontal Balers | Innovative Recycling Solutions

innovative recycling solutions

Are you searching for a way to make your recycling and waste management process more efficient? Horizontal balers are your solution. With these industrial recycling machines, you can automatically and effectively process your paper and cardboard waste for storage and transport. With a horizontal baler from Balemaster, you will quickly see improvements in your recycling process. Contact us today for more information on how our balers can work for you.

What is a Horizontal Baler?

Balers are recycling machines used to compact your waste materials into dense, consistent bales. This allows for simple storage and transportation of your recyclable materials. Horizontal balers come in a variety of styles and capabilities to reflect the needs of your facility.

At Balemaster, our horizontal balers are used to process several materials, including:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Cardboard
  • Folding cartons
  • Paper products
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Envelopes
  • Aluminum cans
  • PET plastic bottles
  • And more.

We have a wide selection of horizontal balers that can accommodate any material and any level of waste production. While vertical balers often require manual loading and can only handle small quantities, horizontal balers are equipped to process even the largest input of recyclable materials.

Overall, a horizontal baler is used to create compact bales from your recyclable materials. This makes it easier to store and transport your waste products. At Balemaster, we offer a wide selection of horizontal balers that can be used by any business to streamline your recycling process.

Where are Horizontal Balers Used?

horizontal balers for recyclingMany facilities use horizontal balers. In general, they are used in places that generate significant quantities of recyclable waste. Fortunately, there are many different styles of baler machines. This allows for every facility to find a solution that is unique to their needs.

The most common locations to find a horizontal baler include:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Waste handling facilities
  • Retail locations

Because they come in many styles and sizes, there is a horizontal baler for any location. Some designs are made for smaller spaces, while some are designed with heavy duty production in mind. Regardless of your needs, we have horizontal balers that will maximize your efficiency and improve your recycling process. For every facility, a horizontal baler offers many benefits. Call us to understand how our horizontal baler machines can improve productivity and drive profits for your business.

How Can Horizontal Balers Improve Your Business?

The benefits of a horizontal baler are innumerable. By automating much of the recycling process, these machines free up your personnel for other tasks. In addition, they create more effective means to store and transport your recyclable materials. All-in-all, our recycling equipment can boost productivity and profits for your business. See the benefits below.

  1. Efficiency: With a horizontal baler from Balemaster, your recyclable materials will be quickly and efficiently made into compact bales for storage and transport. These industrial recycling machines work diligently to process your recyclables. All you have to do is load the materials into the feed (manually or with automatic conveyors), then the machine will handle the rest. The recycling process has never been simpler.
  2. Profits: Because horizontal balers can act automatically and require little intervention, you save money on labor costs. In addition, they create compact bales out of your recyclable materials, which allows for cheaper transport. Implementing a horizontal baler can cut costs and drive profits for your business.
  3. Safety: We keep safety at the forefront when we design our recycling equipment. Therefore, a horizontal baler from Balemaster is created to withstand the force of the baling process and allow for easy operation. These industrial recycling machines are created with safety in mind.
  4. Customizability: Along with our baler lineup, we offer a variety of add-ons that can further improve the efficacy of your recycling process. For example, we can install a shredder that processes your paper and cardboard wastes into smaller pieces for more effective baling. We also have conveyor systems that will auto-feed your baler, as well as transport and storage systems that allow the entire process to be automated.
  5. Automatic systems: In addition to our add-ons that automate your baling system, we also have horizontal auto-tie balers. These machines tie each bale for you so that you don’t need dedicated staff. Instead, a horizontal auto-tie baler can improve your efficiency and fully automate the process.

Overall, there are many benefits to installing a horizontal baler in your facility. From increased profits and safety to improved efficiency and automation, our balers will make your recycling process simple. Contact Balemater today to start designing your recycling solution.

  • E-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    • Automatic wire tier
    • Ideal for mid and large size plants
    • Bales corrugated boxes and sheets, paper, envelopes, aluminum cans, and more

  • EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    • Automatic wire tier
    • Large feed chutes
    • Heavy duty serrated shear blade
    • Bales whole shipping boxes, flattened OCC, newspaper, aluminum cans, and more

  • Fat Boy Baler

    • 40% larger bale size
    • Extra-large feed chutes
    • Heavy duty wire tier system
    • Dual acting shear blade
    • Ideal for high-volume facilities

  • HD-60 Series Baler

    • Compact design that saves space
    • Floor level hopper
    • Manual wire tier tool
    • Bales slick-coated sheets, paper products, corrugated sheets, folding carton, and more


  • Closed Door Baler

    • Several styles of closed-door balers available
    • Bales paper, corrugated box, cartons, & more
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Ideal for warehouses and paper plants

Contact Balemaster Today for Industry-Leading Horizontal Balers

Every facility has unique recycling and waste management needs. From the fully automatic E-Series Baler to our lineup of manual-tie horizontal closed door balers, we have the best selection for every company. Whether you need a compact option such as the HD-60 Series or a heavy duty choice like the Fat Boy Baler, we’ll find your solution.

In addition to our horizontal balers themselves, we offer a variety of add-on equipment to further automate your recycling process. This can include a metering conveyor, a fluffer, and a shredder. Together, these pieces of recycling machinery will automate your waste management process and drive productivity, efficiency, and profits for your business.

Don’t wait another moment! Contact Balemaster today to begin designing your optimal recycling solutions with our horizontal balers.

Paper Balers | Industrial Paper Shredder | Balemaster

For printing facilities throughout the world, an effective recycling solution is imperative. Vast quantities of paper, cardboard, cardstock, and other wastes are created every day. To best prepare and store these materials, printing companies need to have a reliable recycling plan in place. At Balemaster, we deliver comprehensive recycling solutions, complete with an industrial paper shredder, conveyor, fluffer, and paper balers. Reach out to us today to get the most from your recycling process tomorrow.

Make Your Recycling Process Efficient with High-Quality Paper Balers

We offer a wide variety of paper balers, including more compact designs and high-production styles. Whether you are looking for a fully automatic baler or a manual tie baler, we have your solutions. Take a look at our paper baler selection below:

  • e series auto tie baler

    E-Series & EO-Series Auto-Tie Balers

    Using an auto-tier baler system, these machines automate your recycling process so that your personnel are available for other tasks.

    Read more

  • fat boy baler

    Fat Boy Balers

    These are best for high-production facilities that create significant quantities of waste each day. They efficiently process cardboard and paper wastes into large, dense bales for storage and transport.

    Read more

  • hd-60 baler

    HD-60 Series Balers

    With a compact design, these manual tie, auto-eject balers are perfect for any printing facility with limited floor space.

    Read more

  • Closed Door Balers

    These balers come in a variety of styles to match your exact needs. There is a perfect fit for any printing facility, document destruction business, warehouse, or other location. The closed door style makes them safe and efficient.

    Read more

Productive Industrial Paper Shredder & Other Recycling Solutions

To accompany our top-notch paper balers, we have several additional machines and components. Among our most popular are the industrial paper shredders. We offer a range of shredders, including the following:

  • Low RPM Shredder - Designed with noise control in mind, this machine produces shredded pieces that are the ideal size for baling. It works quietly and efficiently to prepare your paper and corrugated products for bales.
  • Floor Sweep Shredder - This machine is specifically curated for signatures and paper scraps, preparing them for conveyor systems and baling operations.
  • Piggyback Shredder Mounted directly atop the auto-tie baler, this industrial paper shredder prepares whole books, magazines, and other paper products. Then, it directly empties into your paper balers.
  • High Production HoggerFor high-production facilities, this shredder is designed to shred corrugated box, folding cartons, sheets, and other materials for more efficient baling.

Our industrial paper shredder will make your baling process more effective and efficient. By creating hand-sized pieces, your bales can be more dense. This means more waste product fits into each bale, which will save you storage and transport space.

In addition, we provide fluffers, conveyor systems, and transfer/storage systems to improve your recycling process. Altogether, our equipment lineup will have your recycle management system working more effectively in no time.

Reach out to Balemaster today to discuss how our paper baler and industrial paper shredder will benefit your business.

Top-Notch Recycling Equipment Maximizes Production & Profits

With many printing operations comes large quantities of paper, cardboard, and other waste products. These wastes require a lot of storage space, as well as costly removal and transport fees. By baling your recyclable materials, you can make the waste management process more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Here are the benefits of utilizing an industrial paper shredder and paper balers:

  1. Improve Recycling Efficiency
    With our paper shredders, balers, and other equipment, your recycling process will be a breeze. You can fully automate the process by using a piggyback shredder, auto-tie baler, and uniquely crafted transport and storage system. This will make your recycling plan more efficient and effective.
  2. Free Up Storage Space
    By creating dense bales, more materials can fit in less space. This means that you can cut back on storage space and keep your floor open for more productivity. In addition, we offer compact equipment, such as the HD-60 series paper balers, that conserve floorspace while also processing your recyclables.
  3. Minimize Transportation Fees
    When you create compact bales from your recyclable materials, you are able to transport them more easily. Dense bales allow you to transport higher quantities at a time, which will save you on transport fees.
  4. Conserve Personnel
    Because we offer fully automated systems, such as the E-Series and EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler, you can save your personnel for other productive tasks. You will not have to dedicate several people to run your recycling process. Instead, these machines handle the entire process for you, from conveying and shredding to baling and storing.
  5. Increase Profits
    With an industrial paper shredder and paper baler, you will limit the number of personnel needed, save on transport fees, and maximize your profits from recycling. Our equipment truly allows you to save money and see an increase in your bottom line by elevating your recycling process.

Paper balers and shredders bring many benefits. From increasing productivity and limiting storage space to cutting costs and freeing up personnel, these machines greatly improve your operations. Contact us today to design the best plan for your recycling baler system.

Call Balemaster Today for Your Leading Industrial Paper Shredder & Paper Baler

E SeriesAre you ready to improve your recycling process? Then, we have your solution. Our paper balers and industrial paper shredder will maximize efficiency and ensure your recycling process is highly effective. From saving money on transportation to freeing up your personnel, our recycling solutions will bring many benefits.

Call Balemaster today to learn how our recycling equipment can best serve you.

Heavy Duty Balers for Cardboard

Are you searching for recycling solutions? At Balemaster, we have the most efficient baler machine for every business, from shopping centers and restaurants to warehouses and distribution centers. With cutting-edge technology and durable construction, our balers for cardboard will maximize your efficiency and expand your profit margin. Contact us today to see how baling cardboard will benefit your recycling process.

Improve Your Recycling Process with an Efficient Cardboard Baler

A baler for cardboard compresses your recyclable materials into compact bales for simple storage and transport. By baling cardboard, you can easily stack your recyclables in neat storage locations. In addition, you can transport more in one load, which reduces fees and improves processing.

With our baling equipment, you can automate your recycling process. We offer metering conveyors, effective shredders, automatic fluffers, auto tie balers, and personalized transfer and storage systems. Our team will work with you to design the optimal setup for your business, complete with every part to make your process simple.

Reach out to Balemaster today so we can begin designing your solution for baling cardboard.

What Are the Benefits of Baling Cardboard?

Cardboard baling brings many benefits. From making your recycling process simple and saving floor space to decreasing fees and maximizing profits, balers for recycling deliver results. Explore some of these benefits below.

  1. Safe Processing
    Our balers for cardboard are built with strength, durability, and safety in mind. These machines effectively process recyclables while minimizing dust and occupational hazards. Our machines automatically produce bales, eliminating the need for manual advancements and decreasing the risk of injury to personnel.
  2. Save Space
    By baling cardboard, you create a compact, simple way to store recyclable material before transport. This frees up your floor space and makes room for productivity in your facility. In addition, we offer compact baler designs that will save space while also maximizing the recycling process.
  3.  Free Up Personnel
    At Balemaster, our equipment is created for efficiency and productivity. With an auto tie baler, conveyor feed, and uniquely designed transfer system, you can completely automate your recycling process. This will keep personnel available for other tasks and save on labor fees.
  4. Minimize Transport Fees
    Compacting your cardboard means that more can be transported in each load. This will reduce transportation fees, while also using less fuel. Therefore, cardboard balers safeguard the environment and decrease your expenditures.
  5. Increase Profits
    By reducing labor costs and transportation fees, you will save money. In addition, many recycling facilities pay top dollar for baled cardboard. You can sell your cardboard bales easily and effectively. Altogether, these factors will expand your profit margin.

Balers for cardboard not only improve your recycling process, but they also free up floor space, minimize the need for dedicated personnel, and bring profits to your business. Contact Balemaster today to design the best baling system for your cardboard wastes.

Choose Your Baler for Cardboard from Our Exceptional Lineup

At Balemaster, we have a recycling solution for every business. From small warehouses to vast distribution centers and shopping malls, cardboard balers improve waste management procedures. We offer compact designs, as well as large heavy-duty options. Take a look at our balers here:

  • E-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    With an automatic wire tier, this machine works well to automate your cardboard baling process.

  • EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    A large feed chute and auto tie system work effectively to automatically bale large quantities of recyclables.

  • Fat Boy Baler

    This baler produces a larger bale size and works well for facilities with significant quantities of cardboard waste.

  • HD-60 Series Baler

    These horizontal closed-door balers feature a manual wire tier system and perform well at many facilities.


  • Closed Door Baler

    Featuring a closed door design and manual tier, these machines are highly effective and safe for any location.

Balers for Your Recyclable Materials

Our balers are not only effective in baling cardboard, but they are also useful to process many other recyclable materials. With our versatile baling machines, we will help you find a solution that can bale all of your waste materials.

A Balemaster baler for cardboard can also effectively prepare:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Corrugated sheets
  • Paper
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Envelopes
  • Folding carton
  • Aluminum cans
  • PET plastic bottles

Whether your facility produces large quantities of paper, cardboard, carton, cans, plastic bottles, or other recyclable materials, our balers for cardboard will be your solution. Contact our team for more information about baling cardboard and other waste products.

Contact Balemaster Today to Receive Your Top-Notch Balers for Cardboard

E SeriesAre you ready to maximize efficiency in your recycling process? Balemaster is here to help you design the perfect solution for your business. Whether you want to incorporate shredders and auto tie systems or simply use a manual, closed-door baler, we have what you need.

Your new cardboard baler will free up personnel, save floor space, make transport simple, and increase your profits. Call Balemaster today to improve your recycling process with top-notch balers for cardboard.

First-Rate Cardboard Compactor & Cardboard Shredder for Corrugated Manufacturers

baler machine 1In the modern world, companies are striving to reduce their environmental impact through everyday operations. One of the best ways to initiate this is by introducing an efficient recycling system. At Balemaster, we provide the most effective cardboard balers that automate the recycling process for corrugated manufacturers, sheeter plants, and other facilities.

With the addition of a cardboard compactor and cardboard shredder, you can successfully prepare your corrugated materials for recycling. This will make transportation and storage simpler while also reducing costs and driving profits for your business. Contact Balemaster today to see how our recycling solutions can benefit your corrugated facility.

Effectively Process Your Corrugated Cardboard with Our Cardboard Baler

Balemaster cardboard balers are the industry’s most innovative recycling solution. A cardboard compactor compresses your recyclable materials, creating dense bales. This allows you to easily store and transport the cardboard wastes. In addition, our complete auto-tie balers allow for simpler recycling processes without the need for manual advancement.

Among corrugated manufacturers and sheeter plants, our E-Series and EO-Series cardboard balers are most popular. These balers are automatic and highly efficient, offering a premier solution for cardboard recycling. Both feature comprehensive touch screen control, auto-tie baling technology, advanced dust control systems, energy-efficient functioning, and heavy-duty welded construction. Take a look at our cardboard compactors below and discover how they will benefit your facility.

E SeriesE-Series Baler

This cardboard compactor is the leading baler for corrugated manufacturers and sheet plants. With a fully automatic wire-tier system, this machine produces dense bales that are ready for storage or transport right out of the chamber. This baler works most effectively for corrugated cardboard, sheets, folding cartons, paper, and print materials.

EO Series BalerEO-Series Baler

Similar to the E-Series, the EO-Series Baler utilizes an auto-tie baler technology to prepare your recyclables for storage, transport, and processing. This style offers a larger feed chute to accommodate greater quantities of corrugated cardboard, flattened OCC, tissue broke, paper products, and more.

Make Your Cardboard Compactors More Efficient with a Cardboard Shredder

At Balemaster, we believe in delivering the most comprehensive and effective recycling solutions. In addition to your cardboard compactor, you can select from our line of cardboard shredders. A cardboard shredder allows your baler to more effectively compress your corrugated wastes. By creating hand-sized pieces, your cardboard recycling can be pressed into denser, more efficient bales. This means you can fit more materials into fewer bales, making storage and transport a breeze.

For most corrugated facilities, our High Production Hogger and Low RPM Shredder best compliment the cardboard compactors. Take a look at our shredder selection below.

Low RPM ShredderLow RPM Shredder

The Low RPM Cardboard Shredder is curated for quiet, efficient productivity. Its design allows for effective shredding while minimizing noise and preventing excessive dust. By creating smaller pieces from your corrugated boxes, sheets, and folding cartons, you will have denser bales that are prepared for storage, transport, or processing.

High Production HoggerHigh Production Hogger

For facilities with larger quantities of waste, the High Production Hogger is best. This machine is designed to effectively shred the greatest loads, preparing your corrugated box, folding carton, and sheets for baling. With attentive engineering and heavy-duty construction, this cardboard shredder is highly effective for corrugated manufacturers and sheet plants.

A Cardboard Compactor Improves Your Recycling Process

With the addition of a cardboard compactor, you will see improvements in your recycling process. From successful automation to cost savings, our cardboard balers and cardboard shredders are highly effective. Here are many of the advantages of our recycling machinery:

  1. Automate the Process: By using an auto-tie baler, such as the E-Series or EO-Series Baler, you eliminate the need for dedicated personnel. There is no need for manual advancement and tying because the cardboard baler is designed to complete the job from start to finish.
  2. Free Up Personnel: By creating an automatic baling process, you will free personnel to work on more productive tasks. You will not need several employees dedicated to recycle processing because your compactor and shredder will manage it.
  3. Improve Productivity: With personnel available for other tasks, you can increase productivity at your plant. Employees will be able to focus on profit-making tasks instead of waste management services.
  4. Save On Storage & Transport Fees: Because our cardboard compactor creates dense bales, you are able to transport higher quantities in fewer loads. This will eliminate excess transportation fees. In addition, the cardboard shredder allows the baler to work more effectively, which means even denser bales and lower transport costs.
  5. Increase Profits: With the addition of a baler, you can reduce transportation fees and save on unnecessary labor fees. This means you can see greater profits for your corrugated manufacturing facility.

Let’s get started improving your recycling process today! From higher productivity and greater profits to easier storage and transportation, cardboard compactors bring many benefits to your facility. Call Balemaster today to design the best recycling solution for your business.

FatBoy balerBalemaster Has Your Solutions for Recycling Cardboard

Ready to maximize efficiency and drive profits for your corrugated or sheet plant? Balemaster has every solution you will need to improve your recycling process. From high-efficiency cardboard balers to top-performing cardboard shredders, we will help you design the best recycling solution for your facility.

Call Balemaster today to discuss the installation of your cardboard compactor. We’re ready to get started!

Nonwoven Baling & Non-woven Fabric Recycling Machines

baler machine 1Nonwoven materials are used in a wide variety of settings, from hospitals to schools. This type of fabric is versatile and can be very eco-friendly. While nonwoven production includes many trimmings and waste, these materials can be recycled for additional use and environmental sustainability. At Balemaster, we offer an expansive selection of machines to improve nonwoven baling and textile waste recycling. Contact us today to see how we can improve your non-woven waste recycling process.

Improve Sustainability with Nonwoven Waste Recycling Solutions

Manufacturing facilities often search for ways to lessen their environmental impact while also improving efficiency and maximizing profits. All of this is possible with the implementation of an effective recycling process and nonwoven fabric baling. At Balemaster, we provide the industry’s best non-woven fabric recycling machine selection.

Nonwoven fabric is used to create many modern products, including diapers, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, feminine hygiene products, surgical gowns, bed coverings, absorbent mats, reusable bags, table linens, coffee filters, and more. These materials are often absorbent, water-resistant, durable, protective, etc. Because of this, they are highly versatile. However, their production often includes a lot of nonwoven waste scraps. By improving your recycling process, you can avoid unnecessary waste and lessen your environmental impact. 

With a nonwoven baling machine, your nonwoven waste will be condensed into compact bales, which are the optimal form for storage, transportation, and recycling. You can process higher quantities into dense bales, which require fewer transfer trips to reach recycling centers. This allows you to lessen your effects on the environment by increasing recycled material, while also reducing the fuel needed for transportation.

Take the first step toward improving your eco-friendly and highly productive recycling process today. Call Balemaster for more information on our textile waste recycling equipment.

Equipment for Nonwoven Fabric Baling

Our forerunning balers for nonwoven waste include the E-Series and EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler. These are built with strength and durability at the forefront, ensuring longevity for your textile waste recycling system. These machines are formed with heavy duty welded construction and include premier dust control, top-of-the-line touch screen operation, accurate bale density regulation, and effective serrated shear blades.

Learn more about the EO-Series and E-Series Auto-Tie Balers below.

  • E-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    As the leading baler for many industries, the E-Series Auto-Tie Baler effectively prepares your nonwoven wastes for storage, transport, and recycling. It is energy-efficient, heavy duty, and dependable for your nonwoven baling needs.

  • EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    Similar to the E-Series, the EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler is an optimal choice for a variety of products, including nonwoven waste and trimmings. This baling machine has a larger feed chute and effectively bales high quantities of textiles.

Are you ready to optimize your recycling process? Contact Balemaster today to get more information on your non-woven fabric recycling machine options.

The Benefits of Your Non-Woven Fabric Recycling Machine

When you choose our machines for nonwoven fabric baling, you are guaranteed multiple advantages. From improved efficiency to higher profits, your nonwoven waste baler will bolster your recycling process. Explore the benefits of nonwoven baling below.

Higher Efficiency Textile Waste Recycling

With an auto-tier baler from Balemaster, your recycling system will be highly efficient. A baler combines your nonwoven wastes into dense bales, preparing them for effective recycling. Because our auto-tie balers are equipped with efficient baling technology and an automatic wire-tier system, your entire recycling process will be automated and efficient.

Automatic Waste Processing

With a reliable non-woven fabric recycling machine, your entire recycling process can be fully automated. Our equipment easily processes your nonwoven wastes into distinct bales, then ties them without the need for manual advancements. Finally, these bales can be transferred for storage or transport to recycling centers.

Free Personnel for Productivity

Because our auto-tie balers automatically advance and tie off your textile waste recycling, you don’t need dedicated personnel for the process. This means that your crew can spend their time on more productive tasks in your facility.

Simpler Transport & Storage

With a high-efficiency baler, your nonwoven wastes will be made into dense bales, which make transfer and storage simple. Instead of dealing with loose recyclable materials, you will have neat and compact bales. This will also save on transport fees, as you can transfer higher quantities in fewer trips.

Improved Profits

By automating your recycling process with nonwoven baling, you can save on labor fees related to waste processing. In addition, you will save on transport and storage fees for your nonwoven wastes.

Nonwoven fabric baling improves your recycling process by boosting efficiency, automating your waste processing, freeing up personnel, simplifying storage and transport, and increasing your profits. Call Balemaster today to schedule a consultation for your new baler.

FatBoy balerBalemaster is Your Leader for Nonwoven Baling & Textile Waste Recycling

Recycling is essential for nonwoven manufacturing facilities and all other modern businesses. When you are searching for a solution for your nonwoven waste, Balemaster has your answer. We are the preferred leader in nonwoven fabric baling and textile waste processing. Contact us today to learn more about our non-woven fabric recycling machine selection. We look forward to helping you build a nonwoven baling solution for your business.

Your Trusted Baler Machine Supplier

Baler Machines Boost Your Recycling Process

Are you in search of a safe and efficient baler machine that automates your recycling process and increases your profits? At Balemaster, we offer the industry’s best line of baler machines to process your recyclable materials into dense bales that are easy for transport, storage, and recycling.

baler machine 1Manufacturers, warehouses, and other companies across the globe use our balers for a variety of products and waste materials. You can utilize a Balemaster baler for:

  • Paper products
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Folding cartons
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Nonwoven textiles
  • Plastics

This versatility makes baling ideal for a variety of industries, including sheet plants, printers, non-woven converters, paper mills, document destruction facilities, and more. Baler machines can also be used in retail centers, restaurants, and schools to prepare recyclables for transport. Many industries benefit from our baling machines.

Explore Our Selection & Find the Baler for You

Our products can be tailored to suit your individual business needs. We have a wide range of baler machines to fit in smaller warehouses, larger distribution centers, and anything in between. In addition, we offer shredders, fluffers, conveyor systems, and more.

Take a look at our baler machine selection below, then contact our team to schedule a consultation to design your unique baling system.

  • e series baler

    E-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    This baler uses an automatic tying system & works well for a variety of products, including paper, cardboard, nonwovens, & more.

  • eo series baler

    EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    Like the E-Series, this baler machine processes a variety of materials. It has a large feed chute & premium welding for heavy duty baling.

  • fat boy baler

    Fat Boy Baler

    This baler machine is built for high volume processing. It creates larger bales, allowing for effective handling, storage, & transport.

  • HD-60 Series Baler

    With manual tier systems, these baler machines are heavy duty & meant to last. They process paper products, folding cartons, cardboard, & more.


  • Closed Door Baler

    These balers are built with safety & efficiency in mind. The closed door balers come in a variety of styles with unique features to meet your needs.

Increasing Profits & Safeguarding the Environment

Today, factories, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and other facilities produce a lot of waste. However, this waste doesn’t have to be disposed of. Instead, you can implement recycling procedures to protect the environment while also expanding your profits.

FatBoy balerBy creating individualized recycling systems, you can limit wastes and improve reusability of any byproducts from your production process. Many materials, including plastic, paper, corrugated, nonwoven, and more can be recycled for new products and materials. This lessens your environmental impact and allows your company to support environmental protection efforts.

In addition, recycling systems often benefit your company by bringing in extra profits. With baler machines, you can automate the recycling process and minimize transportation fees. This increases your profit margin for recycling.

Overall, there are many benefits to implementing a baling operation at your facility. For more information, contact our team today. We’re happy to answer any questions and help you find the best solution for your company.

Recycling Solutions Built to LastHD60 baler

At Balemaster, we make a commitment to excellence with every product and installation. We utilize the highest quality materials and reliable engineering to ensure your baler is built to last. With our specialized designs, you are guaranteed to find a baler that meets your needs, improves your recycling process, and serves you for many years to come.

Every baler machine is built with heavy duty welding and powerful hydraulics. These machines utilize bale density control systems to ensure every bale is optimized for storage and transport. In addition, our balers are made with comprehensive touch screen control to allow the easiest use of your equipment. Overall, a baler from Balemaster is durable, dependable, and made to withstand the test of time.

Balemaster has the Baler Machine for Your Business

Are you ready to implement a recycling system that increases productivity, expands your profits, and improves environmental sustainability? We have a baler machine for you. With your baler, we can also implement shredders, conveyors, storage, and transfer systems. This allows your recycling process to be simple, effective, and profitable.

Call Balemaster today to find the best baler for your company and implement your new recycling equipment. We’re ready to help.

Cardboard Baler Machine to Maximize Recycling Efficiency

Delivering Innovative Solutions for Your Recycling Process

FatBoy balerBalemaster believes in bringing efficiency and productivity to the recycling process. From massive distribution centers and warehouses to smaller retail centers and schools, a cardboard baler machine from Balemaster can improve your recycling process and boost your profits.

Interested in learning more? Learn about our baler machines for cardboard below.

A Baler for Any Business

Our cardboard baler machine lineup delivers a customizable solution to any business location. Whether a small-scale recycling center or an expansive corrugated manufacturing plant, we have the equipment that will improve your operations and increase your productivity. Explore our selection below to find your optimal baler machine for cardboard.

Horizontal Auto-Tie Cardboard Baler Machine

Our horizontal auto-tie balers are the best in the industry for automating your recycling process. Each of these balers compress your recyclables into dense bales, then automatically tie them for you. This creates perfectly formed bales that are ready for storage or transport every time. Additionally, these machines require no manual advancement so that your personnel are reserved for productivity.

Learn about the E-Series, EO-Series, & Fat Boy cardboard baler machines by Balemaster below.

  • e series auto tie

    E-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    With an automatic tying system & highly efficient compactor, this baler works well for a variety of products, including cardboard, paper, nonwovens, & more.

  • eo series auto tie

    EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    Similar to the E-Series, this cardboard baler machine processes many materials. With a large feed chute & premium welding, it’s ideal for heavy duty baling.

  • fat boy baler

    Fat Boy Baler

    This baler machine for cardboard is designed for high volume processing. It forms larger bales, allowing for effective handling, storage, & transport for the highest production facilities.

Closed Door Cardboard Balers

Our closed door baler machines for cardboard are design to meet the needs of any size facility. This lineup features a variety of balers, including the 300, 400, 600/1600, and 700/1700 Series cardboard baler machines. The 300 Series is designed for smaller materials, such as print and paper products, whereas the 700/1700 Series is built for the largest materials, such as full size corrugated boxes. Each closed door baler is designed with safety, efficiency, noise control, & dust reduction in mind.

closed door baler

Closed Door Balers

Closed door cardboard balers are built for maximum safety & efficiency. These balers come in a variety of styles with unique features to meet your particular recycling needs.

Manual Tie Baler Machine for Cardboard

Our manual tie balers are designed for facilities with limited floor space. These machines are compact and equipped with the necessities to maximize your recycling efforts. While the tying is manual and not automatic like our other models, the bale production and transfer systems are exceptionally efficient.

manual tie baler

HD-60 Series Baler

Designed with a manual tying system, these baler machines for cardboard are heavy duty & built to last. They effectively bale paper products, folding cartons, cardboard, & more.

Our Balers Are Built to Increase Productivity & Recycling Efficiency

At Balemaster, we design every baler to meet the needs of our clients. Our balers are highly effective and efficient, forming bales that are simple to store and transport. In addition, baling your recyclables improves profitability and ease of transfer. Explore some of the additional advantages that you can expect with a Balemaster cardboard baler machine below.

baler machine 1Premium Touch Screen Control

We integrate a comprehensive touch screen control system with each of our baler machines. This allows for simpler control of each step in the baling operation. You can easily access any setting related to your baler, right at your fingertips.

Effective Dust Control

The Balemaster selection is built for convenience, safety, and efficacy. We emphasize dust control to keep your recycling process clean and efficient, while also protecting your equipment. This premium dust control ensures the longevity and functionality of your cardboard baler machine.

Unique Bale Density Control System

Each of our balers features a unique bale density control system. This ensures each bale is formed with the highest and most consistent density. This is important because you are maximizing the amount of materials in each bale, which saves on transportation fees and storage space.

We are dedicated to improving your recycling efforts. A cardboard baler machine from Balemaster is guaranteed to increase the efficiency and productivity of your recycling process, which leads to greater profits and more successful waste management. If you’re ready to learn more about our products, give us a call. We’ll provide you with a consultation and answer any of your questions.

Contact Balemaster

Is it time you find a better solution for your recycling process? Balemaster is here to help. We offer a wide selection of cardboard baler machines that will meet the needs of any business, no matter how big or small and no matter the material types. We have a baler that is designed for you. Call Balemaster now to find the best baler machine for your business.

High-Yield Baling Machine for Recycling Bales

Maximize Your Recycling Process with an Efficient Baling Machine

As modern businesses grow and adapt, high-quality recycling processes are a necessity. With an innovative baling machine, you can maximize your recycling operations and get the highest return from your recyclable materials. At Balemaster, we are the forerunner in baling technology. We implement the most efficient baling machines to help you see the greatest yield, as well as maximum profits on every step of the process.

Learn more about our baling machine lineup below and see how we can help you achieve the most lucrative recycling bales that save space, money, and labor.

Are Your Recycling Bales Optimized for Storage & Transport?

baler machine 1With an optimal baling machine from Balemaster, you can convert your recyclable waste into dense bales. These recycling bales make storage and transport a breeze, allowing you to move more material in fewer loads. With our premium density control system, you can pack the most waste material into a single bale, saving you space for storage and money on transportation fees.

Each of our balers is designed with top-of-the-line density control technology. Every recycling bale will be optimized, ensuring you’re receiving the highest quality bales with each load. Then, you can see the benefits shine through in your daily operations.

Contact Balemaster now to discover the best baler for your facility.

Balemaster Baling Machines are Built for High-Production Facilities

FatBoy balerHere at Balemaster, you are guaranteed to find a baler that works for your facility. Whether you have a small printing operation or a vast distribution center, we have baling machines that will fit in your space and process any quantity of material. From our compactly-designed HD-60 Series Balers to our maximum-production Fat Boy Balers, we offer a broad selection of sizes and capabilities to ensure your recycling bales are tailored to your business needs.

In addition to our baling machines, we offer add-on equipment to fully automate and simplify your recycling operation. When you use our E-Series or EO-Series Balers, you receive an automatic advancement and tying system that fully completes your recycling bales without manual advancement. Then, you can add on our metering conveyors, shredders, and storage/transport systems to complete your entire recycling process.

When it’s time to implement a more effective recycling plan, Balemaster is here to guide you. We will walk you through the options, helping you curate an individually tailored system that works most efficiently for your facility. Contact us today for a consultation.

Check Out Our Baling Machine Lineup

Browse our varied selection of balers below, then reach out to our team to select the perfect one for your recycling process. Whether you know exactly which one suits your business or you need assistance in finding the right fit, we’re here to help. Questions? Call today!

  • e series baler

    E-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    This baling machine uses an automatic wire-tying system & effectively bales a variety of products, including paper, cardboard, nonwovens, & more.

  • eo series baler

    EO-Series Auto-Tie Baler

    Similar to the E-Series, this baler processes many different materials. It features a large feed chute & premium welding for heavy duty baling operations.

  • fat boy baler

    Fat Boy Baler

    This heavy-duty baler machine is built for high volume recycling. It creates a larger recycling bale, maximizing storage space & transportation.

  • hd-60 series baler

    HD-60 Series Baler

    These balers are manual tie systems that are built with durability & longevity in mind. They bale paper products, folding cartons, cardboard, & more.

  • closed door baler

    Closed Door Baler

    This selection of baling machines are built with safety & efficiency in mind. Closed door balers come in many styles with custom features to meet your needs.

Contact Balemaster Today to Automate Your Recycling Process

Don’t fall behind the times! Balemaster has innovative recycling equipment that will help you achieve a more efficient and effective recycle handling process. Our baling machines take your waste materials and turn them into dense recycling bales, ready for simple storage and transport. This saves you floor space, labor, and transportation fees.

Let’s design your unique recycling plan today! Call Balemaster now to select the best baling machine for your business.


Offering a Wide Selection of Baler Machines

baler machine 1When you’re optimizing your waste management and recycling plan, you want the best equipment to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your process. At Balemaster, we offer a vast selection of balers, shredders, and more to improve your recycling operations. We have auto-tie balers, horizontal balers, and closed door balers, as well balers for cardboard, paper, textiles, and more.

Explore the types of baler machines that we can provide below:

Auto-Tie Balers

The auto-tie balers offer a hands-off approach to recycle baling. With these machines, the entire process, from loading and shredding to tying and transfer can be automated. This frees your personnel for more productive tasks and increases efficiency in your recycling process.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers are ideal for large-scale recycling operations. These baler machines allow for the addition of conveyor systems, shredders, and transfer and storage systems. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles, offering compact designs for smallern facilities and heavy duty designs for larger locations.

Closed Door Baler Machines

A closed door baler improves the safety, efficiency, and production of your recycling bales. These machines are created with durable construction, premium welding, and simple operation to deliver the most efficient recycling operations. They come in a variety of styles to accommodate any quantity or type of material.

Balers for Cardboard, Paper, Textiles, & More

At Balemaster, we have the baling equipment for any industry. Our balers can be utilized for paper, cardboard, plastic, folding cartons, nonwoven textiles, and more. Whether you run a printing business, warehouse, retail center, or any other facility with high quantities of waste and recyclables, we have the equipment you need to effectively prepare your materials for storage and transport.

Here are some of the applications for our baler machines:

Balers for Cardboard

Our baling equipment is widely used in warehouses, distribution facilities, schools, and retail centers to bale cardboard. Each of our balers are effective in baling cardboard and have many advantages. Our most common balers for cardboard are the E-Series balers, an auto-tie baler variety. The Fat Boy baler is also used for high-production corrugated baling.

Balers for Paper

Printing companies and other facilities benefit greatly from baling machines. At Balemaster, many of our balers work exceptionally for efficient paper baling, including coated sheets, signatures, envelopes, mail, folding carton, paper trim, and more. Some of the most effective paper balers include the Closed Door balers and the HD-60 Series baler.

Balers for Nonwoven Textiles

Nonwoven textiles are used for a variety of products, including wipes, feminine hygiene products, diapers, surgical gowns, bed coverings, and more. Hospitals, schools, and other facilities use these materials and benefit from balers to prepare the nonwovens for recycling. Typically, the E-Series and EO-Series baler are used for textile recycling.

FatBoy balerReady to Revolutionize Your Recycling Process? Contact Balemaster Today.

Whether your facility produces significant cardboard, paper, textile, or other waste products, Balemaster’s baling machines will provide the efficient and productive recycling operations that you need. Each of our balers are built with durability and efficacy in mind. Your wastes will be compressed into dense bales, simplifying storage and transport operations. Contact Balemaster today to learn more about our baler lineup and how it will benefit your business.


Balers that serve a wide variety of markets.

Products Products

Balemaster equipment has been meeting the real-world automatic waste handling and recycling requirements in a wide range of international markets. Our leadership and technically innovative auto-tie balers have enabled our customers to successfully handle and dispose waste product at industry leading cost-efficiencies.

From baling paper, packaging, and corrugated scrap to other unique markets such as non-wovens and film. Balemaster has contributed to helping customers successfully manage their day-to-day baler operations. As the demands of our customers have changed over the years, Balemaster has kept pace by producing some of the most innovative auto-tie baler products in the marketplace. We continue to pioneer innovative and market specific solutions. Some of the specific markets we service include:

  • Corrugated Box/Packaging

    Corrugated Box/Packaging

  • Distribution Center & Warehouse

    Distribution Center & Warehouse

  • Tissue Converting

    Tissue Converting

  • Recycling/MRF


  • Printing


  • Document Destruction

    Document Destruction

  • News Distribution

    News Distribution

Contact Balemaster about the full line of value added products available for your baling and shredding needs. We are experts at customizing high-productivity waste handling and recycling solutions, tailored to your exact application requirements.