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Commercial & Industrial Balers for Recycling

recycling balersIndustrial Balers Maximize Business Profits

A commercial or industrial baler is used by modern businesses to maximize efficiency for recycling or waste management. These machines are highly efficient and boost profits in many ways. From saving on waste and recycling processing to decreasing labor costs, commercial balers drive up your profit margin.

Why Use Commercial Balers?

Recycling is vital in modern society. We live in a time where significant quantities of waste are generated every day. Businesses with vast quantities of waste are responsible for ensuring this waste is adequately processed. For many businesses, such as production facilities, recycling systems are essential.

Our industrial balers are used to kickstart the recycling process to both boost profits and improve waste management for companies. With a commercial baler, you can be confident that your recyclables are being properly prepared for transport to recycling facilities.

What Are Industrial Balers?

Industrial balers are used to begin the processing of your recyclables. While balers originated in the agricultural field to compress hay, they are now widely used by production facilities to create baled paper, cardboard, and plastic for transport and processing.

Similarly to farming, recycling balers rely on a hydraulic ram to exert pressure on the materials, forming a tight bale. The recycling materials can be added manually to the machine or via additional machine components like a conveyor belt. Then, the ram compresses the recyclables until a bale of the desired size is created. The bales are then tied, either manually or automatically, so that they can be removed from the commercial baler machine and prepared for transport to a recycling facility.

Generally, industrial balers are used by large-scale production facilities. They can also be used for any other location that has high volumes of recycle or waste products. Overall, commercial balers are highly effective in the initial processing of several types of recyclables, including paper, cardboard, and plastic.

balers for recyclingWhat Makes Our Balers Stand Above the Rest?

At Balemaster, we offer a wide variety of industrial balers to suit the needs of any facility. We offer completely automated balers, as well as manually advanced systems. In addition, we offer many add-ons that can improve the efficiency of your commercial recycling baler.

To complement our industrial balers, we offer a range of specialized recycling equipment, including:

  • Floor Sweep, Low RPM, & Piggyback Shredders: Our shredder line is ideal for paper and corrugated cardboard products, as these machines shred the materials into smaller pieces to make them ideal for baling.
  • High Production Hogger: Similar to the shredder line, our hogger is highly efficient in creating smaller pieces of recyclable materials, including paper, cartons, cardboard, etc. This prepares your materials for high density baling with our industrial balers.
  • Fully Automated Fluffer: The fluffer conditions then distributes paper wastes within the baling chamber for more effective baling. This ensures you get the most efficient bales from your commercial baler.
  • Metering Conveyor: This conveyor loads the recyclables directly into the shredder or industrial baler, eliminating the need for manual loading.
  • Plastic Bottle Perforator: This equipment is useful for PET bottle processing, as it pierces any bottles to allow air to escape. The perforator allows for more compact plastic baling.
  • Automatic Can Compactor: Our can compactor can process both steel and aluminum cans, forming circular briquettes with your cans. This makes them easier to handle and transport.
  • Transfer & Storage Systems: Our team is able to create a system that allows for unmanned transfer and storage of your baled recyclables. This allows your materials to be stored without manual efforts prior to transfers. These systems complement our auto-tie commercial and industrial balers, as well as our shredders and conveyors, as they make the entire process automated.

Coupled with our exceptional industrial balers, the above machines and components make your recycling process highly efficient and profitable. With a fully automated process or with machines that require some manual advancements, your recyclable materials can be properly baled for transport and processing.

Balemaster Has Your Recycling Solutions

For the most effective recycling process, Balemaster has all of the recycling balers and equipment that you will need. We offer a wide range of recycling machines that meet the needs of any business. If you need a shredder, hogger, fluffer, can compactor, bottle perforator, conveyor, or simply an industrial baler, we have everything you will need.

Meet the growing demand for recycling in modern business with a commercial baler from Balemaster. Whatever your space and material need, we have the solutions for you. Start profiting from your recycling today! Contact us now to learn more about how our industrial balers and other recycling equipment can grow your business and improve your waste management.

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