Balemaster FAT BOY BALER.

Make your baling process more profitable.

The many benefits of a Fat Boy baler.

Extra large feed chute.

Prevents bridging. In a paper, corrugated, cardboard recovery and recycling facility various forms and sizes of paper and OCC waste. There’s no such thing as average volume or flow on the front-end, in fact the widest dimension of some corrugated and cardboard boxes may measure up to 60″ or 72″. Therefore the baler feed chute has to be sized to accommodate these dimensions without nesting or bridging and therefore holding up the process. Some balers are equipped with a tamping or plunging system. It’s been our experience that these add-on systems only slow down the feeding system and ultimately represent more maintenance.

30% larger bale.

Extra large bale cross section: The wider Fat Boy high density bale cross-section is 58″ wide and 42″ tall. This is 30% larger than the typical bale. (The bale length is adjustable). The larger cross section is due to Balemaster’s charging chamber concept and exit portal design and construction. Any one can make a larger feed chute on the front end, but if the baler chokes, the advantage of bridge-free feed design is lost.

461,580 lbs of compression force.

14″ diameter baling cylinder: The Balemaster hydraulics engineering philosophy is straightforward. Simply put; avoid the cost and complexity of multiple hydraulic systems and focus on optimization. Redundant, two-staged hydraulics design reduces energy demand while maximizing work. The 14″ cylinder is develops 461,580 lbs of uniform, controlled compression. The OCC has no chance.

Heavy duty shear blade design.

Maximum penetration. Crisp shear. Accelerated throughput. Uninterrupted operation. You set baling pressure and the shear blade responds.