Specialty Balers
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Balemaster Balers.
Specialty Balers.


Balemaster offers balers with an ideal combination of accessories to meet your unique baler requirements. Over the years, Balemaster has designed models for a special application or requirement. Our engineering staff has developed unique features like; "patty-cake Model", "poly density relief system", and "look-ahead electronics", to accomodate special baling needs.

Examples of Balemaster's Unique Recycling Applications:

  • Steel mill edge trim from a coil winding process - up to 0.25" gage
  • Foam rubber and styrofoam
  • Pulp - papermill
  • Wet pol" - pulper waste in a paper mill
  • Computer keyboards
  • Burlap bags
  • Medical waste
  • Mattress mungo and denim scrap
  • Sausage casing
  • Vinyl sheets and trim
  • Cotton mote
  • Non-woven filaments and fibers



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