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Balemaster Balers.
Fat Boy Baler.

Fat Boy Baler



Why is a
Fat Boy bale

Maximum density bales
Conventional bales often weigh between 1700 and 2400 pounds. Bales leave the recovery plant for their end use in a 53' trailer or in a container. A typical container load will weigh 54,000 lbs. It will take 16 Fat Boy bales to fill the container. It will take 22 conventional bales to fill the same container. That's nearly 60% more bales -- and 60% more forklift trips, 60% more lift truck fuel, etc.

Crisp, clean, hard-edged bales
Even a recycling plant must do what it can regarding housekeeping. A lose and sloppy bale not only increases debris and dust, it also compromises maximum storage density.

Fatter bales mean greater productivity
Let's say your operation is processing 5000 tons per month of Old Corrugated Containers (OCC), and that the OCC exits your facility as bales. By using Balemaster's Fat Boy technology (3500 lbs/bale), that would require 2,858 bales having to be made, stored, and shipped. Using conventional baling technology (1700 lbs/bale), the same amount of OCC would require 5,883 bales.


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